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fleet week, and a plethora f other events... promising to cause tr problems today in parts of e the blue angels fleet week and a bunch of other events promising to cause traffic issues in the bay area. >> playoffs, off to a slow start for the oakland a's and the san francisco giants it's only the beginning. >> only the beginning of a cooling trend in the bay area. we will have the forecast. it is 7:30, sunday october 7th. >> news and talk to cover in the upcoming hour. proposition 37. the idea of labeling genetically modified food in california. >> both sides of the issue in
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studio. we will go in depth and a busy weekend in the city if you haven't noticed. >> you were out and about around the city. >> there was a lot of traffic, i was able to spend time at the emergency center on perk street, a brain sensor where they try to figure out if there is going to be a problem, or problems around the city. they have been planning for the event apocalypse as we have been calling it for a year. everything went smoothly. >> could be a fun day and sitting down with our political insiders and talking about the day bait over the debate. the one with the presidential candidates and the upcoming one with vice presidential candidates. first we have breaking news. the search continues for suspects behind the death of a woman in hercules. suzie code was found in ash cor.
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someone entered the back house. investigators say she suffered a traumatic injury. >> she was attacked and murdered. >> i'm glad we all have supporters to honor her. she was a great woman. >> family car is missing, believed to have been stolen, a blue 2011 subaru outback with the idaho license plate 1a 1á f680. investigators are working on a motive for the crime. in san francisco, it was a wild saturday night. got a bit too wild, one part of town as violence broke out this morning, police say about 2:00 a.m., 20 people were involved in a melee. several people were injured. san francisco police haven't revealed details including the extent of the injuries.
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one day down, san francisco bracing for a busier day this weekend. it begins at around 11:00 with the castro street fair, followed by americas cup and fleet week events on the bay this afternoon. then, there is the italian heritage parade in north beach, wrapping up this evening with the second game of the giants playoff series at at&t park. a repeat performance will yesterday the blue angels put on a show in a repeat performance going on today. embarcadero, one of the major gridlock areas. one lane is closed throughout the weekend. it is reserved for bicycle and emergency vehicle access. congestion on the golden gate bridge and bay bridges, not too bad, signaling many people opted for public transportation. san francisco ferries are
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reporting record ridership numbers. estimated 15,000 people took the ferry from the east bay yesterday. five times the typical number of weekend riders, third busiest weekend day with 263,000 passengers. muny 27% ridership, with a 49ers game this afternoon, going on at candlestick park. leaders are urging to stick with public transit. we have tips for r you to help navigate around the mess. >> traffic hot spots you might want to avoid. >> good morning, a lot of events that you will want to plan for this morning if you are headed in to san francisco, it may slow you down. one is happening throughout the week and weekend, fleet week in americas cup, that's underway, embarcadero remains closed between washington and bay, the right lane and, only accessible
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for bikes through there. give yourself extra time. north beach, there and fisherman's wharf area. italian heritage parade around noon. castro street fair at castro and market. also giants versus reds first pitch 6:37, see busy conditions for folks headed towards at&t park, 280 extension and along embarcadero, 49ers taking on the bills at the candlestick park this weekend. kickoff 125 for today. that's going to slow you down around 101. they are encouraging everyone to use -- busy along 19, golden gate bridge. mass transit a great choice, use bart.
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right now, in san jose, athletes and music lovers are gathering for the annual rock and roll half marathon. set to begin shortly. expect several street closures in parts of downtown san jose, japan town and rose garden area. five terror suspects extradited from the united kingdom had their day in two. court suspects entered not guilty for the u.s. embassy bombings in africa. the leader entered no plea, the egyptian born terror suspect is charged with acementing to set up a terrorist camp in oregon. >> it would have trained al- qaeda sympathizers and set up explosive training and soldier training. >> two of suspects appeared at a court in connecticut and entered not guilty pleas. now onto the race for the
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white house. president obama and republican challenger, mitt romney, begin a final month long sprint to election day. romney is spending a second day in florida and fresh off the first debate and trying to keep the momentum going. mr. obama is coming to california for two days of fundraising. a boost from the jobs report puts the unemployment rate at the lowest rate of his presidency. he will stop in los angeles and san francisco and keen near bakers field where he will designate a national monument at the home of say sar chavez, he died in 93 and did much of his work for farm workers while living in east san jose. coming up on face the nation, bob shaffers guests include axle rod, advisor to the obama campaign. both sides of the bay, won divisional series. >> it's only day one and a look
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at how the giants did at home and how the a's performed on the road in detroit. >> is there any sign the worst is behind us with the sudden rise in gas prices? the latest number from here in the bay area. we have changes in the weather department. we will start with a few low cloud and cover the highs far off yesterday's readings and changes midweek. bound to happen. california gas prices have ,
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bound to happen. california gas prices have t an all-time average high . gas prices here in california hit an all time average high. a gallon of regular unled second $4.73 in the san francisco area, up $0.05 from yesterday. more than $0.20 since friday. the oakland area is at $4.67. it is $4.65, metro san jose.
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previous statewide reword of $4.60, was set back in 2008. experts say prices should come down next week. if you want to save cash, go to cbs and enter your zip code and find the least expensive gas in your area. if you can manage to fill up the tank, you might want to enjoy a nice day. >> it is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day in the bay area. fog and low clouds to start the morning out with. there are as we have made perfectly plain, look, it's been a busy weekend around the bay area. it will be today. the weather looks like it will be cool. both figuratively for the bay area. we will look at the current temperatures around the bay. low clouds around the bay, inland clear skies. 52 concord. 54 oakland.
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51 livermore. san jose 49. here is how we lack for the rest of the bay area, for the headlines, cooling trend will start for sunday, mostly sunny for the bay. showers late tuesday. for this weekend for fleet week around the bay, the numbers will be 63 degrees. around the bay the numbers will be in the low 70s. we will have partly sunny skies. temperatures on the cool side. out the door, some clouds hanging around the bay. for the bay and inland, temperatures around 60 degrees by 9:00 this morning. heading out, looks good for the bay area. low pressure that's spinning san francisco, that low will be devilish. introducing the possibility of showers around yes for the first time in year, we are hearing the s-word, there is a chance. that's late tuesday, early wednesday. mostly for south of the golden gate. we will see today, is going to
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be nice and mild. the temperatures will be a- okay, pinpoint forecast, we will be looking for 73 degrees sacramento. 63 shoreline. out of the bay, partly sunny skies. at the gateways for monday, east 25 at the airport. hub check, los angeles 73. denver sunny skies, for monday again. chicago and new york, partly cloudy. 73 san jose. lots of sun, high clouds up there. over at the shoreline 63 half- moon bay. east bay, the numbers will be in the mid-70s. warmest we will see is 76 brentwood. 71 nap pa. up in the north bay, nice, high clouds mixed with low clouds. 59 for the bay.
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61 daily city. san francisco, 62 degrees. extended forecast, we will be looking for temperatures to be mostly in the 70s all week, we will cool it down inland by wednesday with 72, and maybe tuesday night, wednesday, sprinkle or two, it's possible. next weekend, high pressure builds in, we will be looking for numbers to warm all the way in to the low 80s. there is weather, with more news. phil and ann. thank you, brian. initiative would require food processer to label raw and processed foods that contain genetically modified organism. it's about providing informed choice for consumers. joining us is stacey of the yes on 37 campaign. stacey, we have had genetically modified food one way or another, cross breeding or cross pollination in food for
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centuries. what makes this different and why are we calling for the labeling. >> they have only been in the diet for about 20 years. this is a process done in the lab of taking the genetic material from one species and forcing it in to another in ways that can't occur in nature. it is very new. taking the genes in bacteria and putting it in corn. the corn itself is resistant to bugs. that's an example. that type of food actually is on store shelves right now as of this summer the first genetically engineered sweet corn. it has this insecticide within it and people have a right to know about that. they want to know. people in 50 country have information about genetically engineered foods. people in california and across the country are saying
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genetically engineered food should be labeled here, too. it's a right to know what is in our food. we have the largest health and environmentally health labor groups on the side and opposed to 37 is the world's largest pesticide companies who unleashed an ad campaign of deception on california voters. >> let's talk about the campaign. one we have seen says it's selective in what is required to be labeled. one of their examples, dog food needs to be labeled but meat does not. what is your response. >> it's a dishonest ad campaign. if there is question about that, they were forced to yank the ad off the air last week because they misrepresented sanford university's affiliation. it's desperate to convince us we shouldn't have the right to choose the food we are eating and feeding our families. >> people say this should be dealt with on a federal level and not state by state and put california at food producers at a disadvantage. >> there is a huge effort to
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deal with this, over 1 million people sent petitions asking for labeling. 19 states tried to legislate including california. >> if we pass this, isn't this labeling still in the realm of the feds and fda? wouldn't they say take it to court and say you can't do this. >> we are confident this will stand up in court. these labels will a -- other states will move forward with legislative and initiative attempts. >> you say that you want to inform people that this is going on. is there a feeling that this food is not healthy? or because -- again, we put labels on and put the ingredients in, what is it about this that triggered your
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interest in law to tell people about this? >> we do believe genetically engineered foods are a problematic, health concerns, leads to allergies and health effects showing up in the studies that have been done. environmental problems. yesterday, the new york times had a story about the massive increases in pesticide use over the last 15 years of genetically engineered crops, tied to the crops. >> is your goal to end genetically modified foods? >> it's to give consumers the choice, that's how the market is suppose to working. we decide, voting with dollars, making choices about what we eat and feed families, about what we want in the food system. >> the bottom line for families listening, is this going to increase the cost at the grocery store? the no on campaign says yes. it's going to cost hundreds of extra dollars a year to require the labels. >> they have no evidence to back that up.
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we think no increased cost will come of the law, it didn't happen in europe and didn't happen when we asked for trans fats. it gives them 18 months to do it. it's a straight forward labeling law. >> yes on 37 campaign. we will look at the other side coming up in our next half hour. local baseball fan, it's not the time to panic yet. >> the playoffs started off on the wrong foot for the green and gold. today is another day. the highlights in the weekend early edition when we get back. their postseason openers. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools.
7:50 am
suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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it was a tough day and night on the diamonds. both teams dropped the post season openers. >> it's not over yet. the a's started with a bang yesterday in detroit, center fielder cocoa crisp leads off the game with a home run off of verlander to put the a's up 1- 0, verlander struck out 11 batters in 7 innings of work. nine this morning, pacific time. closer to home, matt game two set to begin at 9:00 this morning. up with hour from now. close toe home, mat took the
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mound against the reds. cincinnati, jumps out in to early lead on a 2-run homer. philip in third. six solo home runs. comes to the plate in the 9th as the tying run. the reds chapman strikes him out. giants lose 5- 2. major league soccer now a hat trick from the earthquakes chris, helped san jose clinch the western conference with the 4-1 win in colorado. chavez scored the first goal 59 seconds in to the game. 18th ranked cardinals survived a scare. san jose state had this weed cal upset 25th ranked ucla with a 43-17 win in berkley. san jose state had the weekend off but hosting utah state next
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saturday. there is a wide perception that president obama lost to mitt romney in the debate. >> now the first crucial encounter is over. everybody has their score cards up, so what do the candidates need to do in the coming days? we put that question to mayor willie brown and joe. here is what they had to say. >> mr. obama has to reestablish his dominance on the intellectual side and dominance on the accuracy side and has to reestablish his dominance on the excitement side. can he do that? i don't know. >> mitt romney? >> mitt romney has to keep going. keep plowing through and talking the same stuff and the same way. he was concise and crisp. he was like the ceo and chief that he aspires to be. >> this is the first time we recalled seeing former massachusetts governor mitt romney show up on stage. he has been avoiding, you wouldn't have known he was the
7:55 am
governor in massachusetts. >> he was very proud to talk about what happened with the school system in massachusetts. >> and health care. >> very proud to talk about health care and more importantly, when they asked the question about what would you do to change the environment in the corporation, in washington. he literally talked about how he did it in massachusetts with 70% of the people being democrats who had the job. >> what do the conservatives do and this is mitt romney's move to the middle? >> they will grint their teeth and appreciate it as long as he is moving upward in the polls. we haven't seen if he is going to get bounce at all. >> theyit's the al davis philosophy, just win baby. believe he gets the bump. i believe the bump will come
7:56 am
from the crisp nature of his responses. he sounded like the common man. he didn't sound like bane capital exploiting everybody who was part of a 97% for the 3%. he sounded like the guy from the streets. he sounded like the guy that i walk by almost everyday working on a job on the city payroll. >> conservatives want him to go at obama, to express anger and frustration. that's a lot what he did. it's amazing. i never thought i would hear willie brown's people say that. i would grab the segment and turn it in to a commercial. >> i'm being very candid. as a matter of fact for example you readily column, you know i said these are the things mitt romney needs to do in order to be competitive in the debate. apparently he read it. much more to come >> of course, he did. i'm sure. that's like first thing in the
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morning. >> on the fashion front, mr. brown said that barack obama's tie was not the right shade and american flag lapel pin was smaller than mitt romney's not a good sign. thought tie was fine. i think the think was that mitt romney did so well. >> i would agree with you. there it was interesting, is listened to half of -- i licensed to half of it. it was a different perception than when you watched it on television. >> it looked like mitt romney was schooling him, which didn't look flattering. >> considering most people get impressions from visuals, substance takes a backstage. >> we have a lot to come in next half hour. >> tragedy at a church of all places. what led to a bay area accident that took the life of a young girl. was one forever. (show open) (noise from plane),,,,,,,,,,
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the blue angels, among a wed of big events... promising o cause traffic problems todan parts of the bay area. the blue angels among a weekend of big events promising to cause traffic problems all
8:01 am
over the day. the bay area braces for it. tragedy led to a bay area church. that led to an accident that took a young girl's life. things will improve on your sunday morning but then things will change through the week. seems like the season is changing. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. it's 8:01. >> thanks for joining us. we have a lot coming up here in the next half hour. prop 37. we heard about the reasons why some people think you should vote for prop 37 in the last half hour. we're going to hear from the no campaign in the next few minutes. >> it's the idea of labeling food that's been genetically modified. one debate down, and then the vice-presidential debate. what is the second team going to have to do. >> and we'll tack a look at the many events here in san francisco.
8:02 am
a wild city in san francisco got too wild as violence broke out. about 20 people were involved in some sort of melee at broadway and montgomery street. several people were injured. san francisco police have not said too much yet about the details of this fight or the extent of this injury. >> today, san francisco is set to welcome even more visitors as part of a jam packed weekend. it all begins in about three hours, castro blues fair, and let's not forget the 49ers are playing at home. and then there is the america's cup yatch racing and fleet week event including the blue angels and along with that, the italian day parade. it all wraps up tonight with the second game of the giants' playoff series. yesterday, the blue angels put on quite a show for spectators in san francisco.
8:03 am
the embark did embarcadero was as a busy plays. luckily, traffic was light because people decided to ditch their cars in favor of public transit. b.a.r.t. and muni ridership will both surge by at least 27%. >> right now in san jose, runners and music lovers are gathering for the san jose marathon. >> and in the east bay, the search continues in hercules for the suspects behind the death of a woman. a neighbor found suzy coz's body on a house on ash cove. investigators say that she suffered a trauma dick death.
8:04 am
they are looking for her subaru outback with idaho plate 1 a 1 f 680. investigator are still looking for a motive for the crime. a six-year-old girl is dead after a car slammed into her. the little girl died at a hospital. her mother and another woman are in the hospital right now with life threatening injuries. the driver has not been charged. there ace lot to come here as our is show continues. >> that's right. just ahead, the death toll inches higher as experts deal with a meningitis outbreak in the united states states. >> and there is a change coming midweek. we'll have that when we come back. ,,,,,,
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meningitis outbreak has risen to seven. the centers for disease control and prevention says that the infection spread to more than 60 people across nine states. the outbreak has been link the to a steroids produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. that steroid, obviously, has been recalled. it's been a nice day yesterday. that was lovely for all the event around san francisco. >> thank you. we take the blame for the events, i'll take credit for this watered. we have potential for showers as we make the trans something from summer into autumn and eventually into some our rainiest months of the year. we have low clouds now across parts of the east bay, shore line, also going up to the plains, san raphael. western half of san francisco is overcast but the south bay is waking up to sunshine.
8:09 am
from hayward to oakland, you have cloudy skies right now. wind are flat dead calm right now as we look toward viaca camp. see mound tim many. cooling trend begins today, mostly sunny skies, showers late tuesday. we at least put it into there as a possibility. stay tuned for that paul will have the latest on that this week, slightly blue grass -- love the name, don't you? >> fleet week today. if you are in the bay, the numbers will be in the low 60s. cooler but we'll get away with sunshine. out the door they, mostly sunny skies, for the coast, bay and inland, except for the clouds sticking to the shore line. satellite radar, low pressure that's spinning a beam in northern california will slowly work its way towards the shore. that low, as it gets closer to the shore line moves south of
8:10 am
the bay area by tuesday. tuesday night, that wrap around moisture over the top half of the low might produce a shower or two for the pay area. we'll see. in the meantime, it will be nice. nice and mild for us in the bay area. if you are heading out, eureka is chilly. 54 degrees. diana, washington, what a difference a week makes. 81 degrees at fresno. it was 103 at this time last week. san francisco, you head out tomorrow, airport does not look like weather should be cause for the weather. partly cloudy skies for chicago and new yorkdenver, sunny. going to be very nice here, 73 degrees, 101 morgan hill at 76. peninsula will get some after we dispense with the low clouds. top out with highs in the low 70s. east bay, again, last weekend, we were talking about numbers
8:11 am
that were well in excess of 100 degrees we are 30 degrees back of that today. san ramon and 680. 73 up in vallejo. 70 degrees. napa tops out at 71. bodega bay at 69. 61 in dali city. the look ahead looks like this. temperatures will cool down even more on monday. tuesday and wednesday, they bottom out. thursday, cool. i have not put it, as you can see, visually up there. this is the first mention that late tuesday and early wednesday, there is a chance at least of a few showers in the bay area. we'll wait for things to get a little bit closer to claire fight. next weekend, high pressure rebuild. saturday, we are back into the 80s. that's your weather. as for the news, let's check in at the interview desk with phil and ann. again, the question is,
8:12 am
should california require labels on genetically modified food. >> we talked to people in favor of the idea and now let's hear from the no side. basically, the question is, why not allow or require this labeling? what's -- why not? the information is information. we have ingredients on there already. why not add this? >> this is really more about just labeling. this is about proposition 37. i know it's being promoted as a simple labeling measure but it's not. it will lead to a rise in shakedown lawsuits against grocery stores, bureaucracy, grocery bills. it contain as number of loopholes. >> let's talk about grocery bills because i think that's what's most important to people listening right now. food producers have to change their labels every two years. why not have them put that on there while they are at it?
8:13 am
>> consumers would view a label under proposition 37 as a warning that something was wrong with the food. in fact, genetically modified food or genetically engineered ingredients are no different than any other type of ingreed yens, no different than any other type of crop. that's why they don't requiring laboring because the food and drug administration says that the foods are not materially different our bodies process them in the exact same way. >> californians, americans, let's be honest. when somebody is walking out of a supermarket with a can of energy drink and three bags of chips, they're going to eat whatever they want to eat. what actual percentage of the population is going to be affected by this, by what's coming into their chain. >> people are interested in their food. so are we. we want to provide fact-based information to consumers that
8:14 am
have some basis in science. but even the proponents of prop 37 agree that would be putting skull and cross bones on the label. that's when the founder of the proposition says. scientists agree that genetically en neared food are safe. even the american medical association voted to say that there is no concern. >> but the concern is that there is not enough research being done, things like allergens and what not. these products have been around for a couple of decades about but maybe that's not enough. >> there have been studies done, more than 400 studies done. and as you pointed out, they have been in the food supply for decades.
8:15 am
we have eaten trillions and trillions pound of genetically engineered food. this is about prop 37. don't believe me, but the overwhelming majority of editorial boards in california have urged voters to reject it. >> okay. we are talking a lot about labeling. >> right. >> you said you had other concerns. you said out of the gate that this was not just about labeling. what are the other ones? >> it was drafted by attorney. this will allow attorneys a brand new avenue to sue grocery store retails, family farmers alleging that they violated the terms of proposition 37 they can go ahead and not violate. >> that's what i'm saying. they would be following the law and they still could get sued that is the problem. that is the problem. the chronicle, in fact, ed board in their editorial said it would be costly for consumers and a legal nightmare
8:16 am
for those who grow process or sell food. most people who look at this say that, you know, good intention don't necessarily result in a good ballot initiative even the sacramento bee said, even if you like labeling, you should oppose proposition 37 because that's just a bad law. it's sloppily drafted, poorly drafted and it will increase consumer grocery bill, state fair tax costs, labeling that make no sense and the most pernicious provision is the ability for the attorneys to file a lawsuit without proof. >> if this comes under the jurisdiction of the courts anyway, don't you think it's going to get tossed. >> right now, it's being passed. >> you can take it to court and say you don't have the ability to enforce it. >> first order of business is to not get to it that point. we hope to see it on november 6th. we believe that the more people
8:17 am
know about proposition 37, the more they will reject it. they don't want shackdown lawsuit. and the measures don't make any sense overall. kathy fair banks, spokesperson for the opponents of prop 37. and we have some music fessville going on despite some heavy hearts. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:18 am
8:19 am
strictly bluegrass festiva'n san francisco's golden gate park. organizers expect more than 800-thousand people to the hardly, strictly blue grass festival in san francisco golden gate park. organizers expect more than 800,000 people to attend over the three days of this event. today is the final day of this year's festival. it's paying tribute to the late founder, warren hellman who passed away last december. in coming thursday, the
8:20 am
opposing candidates for vice president face off. >> the sharp contrast in speaking style will be on display but will it really be worth watching? >> i think so. >> you do? we put that question to former mayor brown. >> this is pure entertainment value. nothing beats a vice- presidential debate because, you know, a great contrast in style, you have paul ryan who is going to come in there with all his facts and figures and joe biden will be tearing up or screaming at every other juncture. it is been be marvelous television. >> does anybody care about this? >> well, joe biden will make sure they do. joe biden will invariably give you enough shots so you will be able to quote him for the rest of the month. >> not going to be anywhere close to the biden and palin where everybody was marching into theaters. >> that was the highest rated
8:21 am
debate. everybody wanted to see palin. paul ryan will not draw unless he takes off his shirt. >> paul ryan is a drag because he does not relate to anybody who was even in the room. >> this week, we saw moderate mitt appear. he went from being the conservative to we can get along, we can get along, health care plan, my time in massachusetts. ryan is still the conservative. won't the democrats try to draw him out saying this is when a romney-ryan ticket is about in. >> absolutely. joe biden for as placid as obama was, he is going to throw red meat at ryan. and it's going to be also about foreign policy which ryan has little experience. >> and then medicare. >> by the end of the debate,
8:22 am
the world will assume that paul ryan is spending the $716 billion in medicare money. it will not continue to be obama. >> biden also has a propensity for, shall we say, putting his foot in his snout. >> that's what makes it such great television. you don't know what he's going to say. >> great television. >> okay. >> this is civic, okay? >> political game. this is for television. >> and there is such an incredible contrast in age. ryan looks like he is 25. biden looks like he is three times 25. it's going to be interesting from that standpoint as well. >> we will be breaking it down for you next sunday. >> that's right. but coming up, we'll have one last look at some of this morning's top stories. >> including a missing wallet. a postal carrier's lost and found story. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento.
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so remember this number. thirty-eight. the search continues this morning for a motive and for behind the death let's take look it at this morning's stop stories. >> the search continues between the death of a woman and the search for the suspects in hercules. and hundreds of thousands are coming to san francisco to take part in fleet week, the giants game, the 49ers. those are some of the events expected to draw record crowds and disappointing day for bay area baseball fans yesterday. both local teams lost their post-sea on opener. game 2 of the a's tigers series set to start in about a half hour from now. the giants take on the reds.
8:25 am
later, tonight at at&t park. >> we are jumping over to the cw network. in the meantime, face the nation is here. but channel 444, table 12, we are going to be talking about the growing concern that the violence in syria is starting to spread to other countries. also, talking about how cranberries are being used to encourage people to vote. >> say what? yes. we start at 8:30 this morning, on the cw. four and a half minutes from now. meantime, people are wondering if they head to the city, jackets, sweatshirts? >> actually cranberry. are they genetically modified? >> i suppose that's the question of the day. >> the other is what is weather going to be like. cloudy but those will dissipate. cloudy skies, distinctly cooler. santa rosa manages just 70
8:26 am
degrees. 62 and observing lane, 69 degrees. fremont up to 70. livermore, just 74. last weekend, livermore was 70 degrees. cooling in a week and we're going to continue to keep it on the mild side. there is a possibility maybe of some showers late tuesday a and early went. it's worth mentioning instead of putting a rain drop in there. we'll stay tuned to that to discuss how the models are changing and shaping up for that. next weekend, things will begin to warm up. we have high pressure moving in back saturday. warm next weekend. in the meantime, pretty nice to cool week. >> are you still hedging your bet, not willing to put the written drop. >> that is from a lifetime in weather. >> very good here is a story that's proof that doing good can bring you karma. >> mailman ross fox of kansas lost his wallet with 13 huppedz for his mouse payment in the
8:27 am
wallet. he lost his wallet while on the job. he thought it was gone for good he got a letter from the owner of a donut shop. she found the money. as for the shop, after word got out of the good deed, there were hardly any donuts left. they have been handing out rain checks. >> that's amazing in this day and age, getting the wallet back with all of its cash? >> that is. >> you wonder what he was doing with his mouse payment walking around in his wallet. but everybody has a way. face the nation is next here on cbs 5. >> the news continues again on the cw network. we're going to jump offer there in the next few minutes. if you are stepping out the door, enjoy the lovely day around here. get in to see one of the many san francisco event. >> don't forget cranberries. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
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